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Scrap conveyor chute.

Scrap conveyor chute. A scrap conveyor part located below the presses, which ensures that the scraps fall on the belt in an orderly manner.

New Generation Technological Solutions

Solution creative team designs durable and state-of-the-art lines for you and performs turnkey installation in your factory.

Customer Focused Approach

We design the most suitable machines for you by combining hydraulic and pneumatic servo systems in accordance with Industry 4.0 with optimum solutions in line with your demands.

Within the Framework of Durability and Efficiency

We offer to our customer the most appropriate and ideal turnkey solutions in the light of our customers' demands by adopting our motto " produces solutions "



Industry 4.0
Offers new generation solutions

Special for Customer
Produces special design projects by presenting customer-specific creative ideas

Durability is the principle of production

Efficiency is based on machine design


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