Konveyör, Elevatör ve Özel Tasarım Makinalar

     TIKIR MAKİNA SANAYİ ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. was established by Armağan ÇUBUKÇU in 1986 as a family company in Bursa, the heart of the Turkish Automotive industry.

     Our company, which was established in a 100m² workshop in Duaçınarı Mahallesi, has been serving in Kestel O.S.B in a 4250m² open and 2500m² closed area since 1993.

     Since the first day of our establishment, our commitment to work, from our loyalty, understanding of quality, habit of combining the latest technology with our experience, most importantly, without compromising customer satisfaction we serve you.

     By adopting our slogan “Solution Provider”, we approach our customers’ problems with interest, provide alternative solutions by researching the causes and consequences of the problems in detail, with the most accurate and optimum solutions in line with our customers’ special needs;

We continue to serve our valued customers.

Industry 4.0

Offers new generation solutions.

Special for Customer

Produces special design projects by presenting customer-specific creative ideas.


Durability is the principle of production.


Efficiency is based on machine design.