Konveyör, Elevatör ve Özel Tasarım Makinalar

Scrap Conveyors & Facilities

Scrap Conveyors & Facilities are usually located under the press shops and press lines. Here, scraps are carried by hinge-type palettes manufactured in 5mm thickness and special chains providing traction of these palettes. Scrap Conveyors are designed for heavy duty and carrying any kinds of metal scraps. Although scrap conveyors can move in Z form, because they cannot turn horizontally and usually scrap pits are not designed flat, they bring great comfort and efficiency to the business such as press shops, etc. with the sequential operation and stops according to the operation way of the system and safety systems customized for these systems.

Scraps arriving to the scrap conveyors fall from the covers located under and on the sides of the press. Feeding these scraps to the conveyors is of great importance for healthy operation of the system. Therefore, scrap chutes are formed with a special design according to the work area and proper feeding of the system is ensured.

In some applications, scraps are filled in containers or cases. During this filling, the scraps dropping from a single point do not fill the container or case homogeneously; therefore, the case is required to be shifted. When the case is filled, during case exchange, scrap conveyor system must be stopped. To avoid stoppage during this change and slide operations, rotary chute is applied to the pouring point. With the fullness sensor in the openings of the chutes in this system, when bottom of the chute is filled, the system automatically starts to fill the other side of the case. If the case is filled, it switches to the next case or container and allows non-stop operation of the system and changing the filled scrap case.

In cases where scraps are not filled in containers or cases, to be able to sell the scraps at a higher price, a Bale Press can be positioned to the output of the system. Scrap bales coming out from the bale press are removed from the system by the Bale Conveyor or facility.