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Acetal Chain Conveyors | Tıkır Makina

Acetal chain conveyors are preferred for the items, which are not too heavy, at the points, where usually turns and accumulation (over conveyor stocking) are desired. These conveyors can be designed to move straight as well as being able to make turns with minimum radius of R500mm. Besides, Z shape can be given to the conveyor with these chains, i.e. up and down turning movements. Because top of the acetal chains is usually smooth, they can prevent the products from sliding with the additional rubber grippers coming on them at the inclined points by utilizing special types. Although the chains are not preferred for hot materials because they are made of acetal materials, this chain is suitable for food. Similar to stainless materials, acetal can be washed easily. Because of this feature, they are mostly preferred in food and packing practices. These chains are available with the widths of 82.5mm, 114.5mm, 150.4mm, 190.5mm and 304mm, and they can be used side by side at the points where these widths are not suitable.

(Preferred in the applications, which are not heavy and hot. In this context, the widest application areas are assembly, packing and food. These conveyors are suitable for flexible transmission of the materials by making lateral and vertical turns)