Kestel OSB Karapınar Cad. No:5 Bursa / Türkiye

Arachne X6B | Tıkır Makina

The ARACHNE is an interesting latest generation equipment, being lately introduced. The ARACHNE can carry out the handling of one plastic box (or carton) about as big as 600×400 mm with 50 Kg weight, in simple or in double depth, 2 or even 3 of these boxes in single depth (in X6 and X8 versions, with 6 and 8 fingers respectively). In the picking phase, two telescopic arms reach the load on the shelf and, by means of small pivoting fingers, drag it onboard the shuttle. The double belt system onboard the X6 version can handle two boxes at once. With a thickness of its telescopic arms of only 50 mm, ARACHNE allows reducing the spaces between the boxes in the cells, thus reducing the width of the whole shelf. Thanks to its particularly light structure, the ARACHNE can attain remarkable work speeds. In comparison with similar equipments on market, it’s certainly more performing, slender, and per se simpler. This makes it easy as for maintenance and certainly competitive