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Depocu™ Unmanned Forklifts | Tıkır Makina

i.    DEPOCU is first unmanned FORKLIFT, which has been manufactured in Turkey and supported by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). DEPOCU, of which the entire mechanical and software are manufactured by us, is an autonomous vehicle with double palette handling capacity that has 3 tons lifting capacity and can place materials to 3 m in height.
ii.    DEPOCU can also track the stock keeping and consequently allows you to see the inventory in real time. It can work for you in the logic of FIFO, LIFO.
iii.    It does not move back and forth in only a single opening like the automatic warehouse systems. After picking up the material from the shelf, it can leave the material to the required position anyware in the plant and take the empty palette.
iv.    DEPOCU operates with a radar system and the routes are defined from the computer. When it is desired to add a new route, the locations are entered only from the computer. Unlike other systems, there are no magnetic tape removal and re-sticking from/to the floor.
v.    DEPOCU can operate among the people and vehicles freely and at CAT3 level safety. In this context, DEPOCU scans its surrounding in 8m radius. In the going direction it can scan up to 50m.
vi.    Moreover, if a crane hook or overhead protrusion is present, it can detect these obstacles, too.
vii.    DEPOCU checks the channels on the floor and if there is any open cover, it does not fall in the channel. (Patent application has been made.)
viii.    DEPOCU does not need light.
ix.    DEPOCU does not need heat.
x.    DEPOCU can speed up to 10km per hour (unloaded).
xi.    DEPOCU always operates at maximum efficiency.
xii.    DEPOCU works more than a standart forklift because there are no shift changes and meal breaks.
xiii.    DEPOCU always works with close attention in the works that require heavy machinery operators like forklifts and minimizes the work accident possibilities.
xiv.    DEPOCU is an electrical forklift, with no exhaust gas emission, it could work within the plant.
xv.    DEPOCU runs without a trace thanks to its non-marking white tires.
xvi.    When two or more DEPOCUs work collectively, they make the task distribution automatically.
xvii.    In special palettes, it can pile up and take back the palettes without needing racks.
xviii.    DEPOCU, if desired, can replace its battery on its own. As a standard, when its battery is weak, it goes to the battery replacement place automatically and waits for the replacement.
xix.    DEPOCU comforts your business.
xx.    Leave your WAREHOUSE to DEPOCU. Every work has an expert.