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Idler Roller Conveyors | Tıkır Makina

  1. Idler Roller Conveyors works with the flow of material by using the gravity in the slopes. Depending on the piece to be carried their roller diameters range from Ø10mm to Ø600mm while their lengths may change between 20mm and 3000mm. Because these conveyors work with the free flow, conveyor slope varies based on the weight and shape of the piece. Idler roller conveyors are usually preferred for stock and buffer applications. In the idler roller conveyors, the slope gains importance for the piece to start moving; however, in some long conveyors and the conveyors carrying heavy pieces, braking roll is placed between the idler rollers to keep the flow at certain speeds to prevent damage to the piece. Otherwise, the pieces accelerate too much and damage each other in case of collision or fall over at the end of the line. Brake hardness must be adjustable. Rolls can be black steel, zinc-coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, kestamid, polyethylene, PVC, etc. and PVC or Rubber can be coated on them. On Idler Roller conveyors, turns can be made by proper selection of the angle, radius and gradient; they can be designed with conical rollers to be healthier.