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Polyurethane Belt Conveyors | Tıkır Makina

(Preferred for the pieces having temperatures up to 80ᵒC, transferring sharp-edged materials, at the points contacting with food)

Polyurethane Belt Conveyors are preferred for special applications in general. Due to the impact and cut resistance of the polyurethane used as the top coat material of the conveyor belt, FDA (food approval) approved types, choice of resistance between 110˚C and -40˚C, and the chemical resistance, it is preferred for transferring sharp materials or blade applications, materials contacting with the food directly, carriage of materials or operation at high or low temperatures, abrasive or acidic-basic products, respectively.
While rotation diameters can go down to 0.5 mm (blade) levels, depending on the belt thickness and application, they can stay at Ø160 mm levels as well. Similar to PVC belt conveyors, these conveyors can be produced as movable and height adjustable. Polyurethane Belt Conveyors are generally preferred in press shops and food factories.