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PVC Belt Conveyors | Tıkır Makina

(In standard applications, preferred for its economical price.)

The most economical belt conveyor. It mostly preferred in standard applications. PVC Belt can turn over the drum down to 30 mm diameter. PVC Belt conveyors are not recommended to be used for transferring materials having one or more of the following properties: food (in case of direct contact), sharp materials, materials with high or low temperatures (80˚C and above or -15ᵒC and low), acidic-basic or abrasive materials.  PVC Belt conveyors can be operated horizontally or inclined. There are many kinds of PVC conveyor belts; due to the diversification, such as grip pattern, V pattern, Flanged, Corded, etc. they are used in many areas. PVC Belt conveyors can be made of stainless steel, aluminum or standard materials. They can be designed with wheels and have the ability to move; with the height adjustment mechanism on the heads, they can change the gradient. Drum types, coatings and structures may vary depending on the application. The belt colors are usually green, black and white.