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Rubber Belt Conveyors | Tıkır Makina

Used for transferring bulk materials such as sand, ore, stone, etc.

Rubber Belt conveyors are usually used in transferring bulk materials. To increase carrying capacity when transferring these materials, the belt is moved by lifting 30˚ on both sides. In these conveyors, where generally Ø400mm is preferred as the smallest drum, rubber belts, which have cord fabric inside and classified as EP250-300-400-450-600-1000 depending on their strength, are used. The belts are defined as three or four layers. This defines how many layers of cord fabric are inside the belts. In general, the belt thickness varies between 8mm and 15mm. To prevent exposure of the carrier rolls to the dust forming because of transferring bulk materials, maze technique is used. These conveyors can be kilometers long as well as being capable of pipe transfer, V transfer and straight transfer. If the conveyors are long (35m and above), weighted tension groups, guide roll stations and additional drives come. To prevent the materials to be affected by the external environment, usually, top of the conveyor is closed with covers. On the loading chutes, impact rollers are preferred and in these stations, air intake hoods are installed to minimize dusting. In general, rubber belt conveyors are preferred in the feed of, food, iron-steel, cement, wood and mining industries.