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Stainless Chain Conveyors | Tıkır Makina

(Preferred primarily in the food, packing and automotive industries. Although they cost more when compared to acetal belt conveyors, they are preferred in heavier and hotter applications. These conveyors are suitable for flexible transmission of the materials by making lateral and vertical turns.)

1.    Stainless chain conveyors are preferred at wet points, in the applications where food has direct contact, in the places where hot pieces must be carried and at heavy, pulsed points (where acetal belt is not used). In this context, they are preferred after welding robots due to the temperature, in food applications because of the stainless and easy-to-clean structure, in heavy packing applications for the strength. This conveyor is suitable for accumulation (over conveyor stocking). Similar to the acetal belt conveyors, the conveyors can make turns from R500mm; Z shaped conveyors can be formed by turning up and down. With additional rubber parts, they can be used for vertical transportation. These chains are available with the widths of 82.5mm, 114.5mm, 150.4mm and 190.5mm, and can be used side by side.